O2 – CO Monitors

Electrochemical gas monitor sensors tend to drift over time and require bump testing before use. 

Both bump testing and calibration are necessary to verify gas monitor functionality before use. Bump testing verifies that your gas monitor will detect the target gas in a work environment. If the first bump test fails, a full calibration of the device is required.

OSHA suggests that a bump test “should be conducted before each day’s use” in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. This is especially crucial if the work environment is subject to change or the monitor is older.

When used to manufacturer’s recommendations, and proper care, most electrochemical sensors will last approximately two years – catalytic and solid state refrigerant sensors, five years – NDIR (Non-Dispersive Infrared) and infrared sensors, seven to eight years.

Bump Gas
CCS calibration gas mixtures to levels of 99.999% purity

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