Dimensional calibration services for your test and measurement equipment

Calibration traceable to the NIST

Dimensional Calibration Capabilities

Gage Blocks to 20 inches Impressors Sine Bars & Plates
Angle Blocks Indicators Snap Gages
Balls – Precision Inspection Blocks Step Gages
Bore Gages / Micrometers 1-2-3 Blocks Squares
Calipers 4 to 80 inches Parallels Tape Measures to 288″
Chamfer Gages 0 – 1 inch Pin Gages Tapered Plugs
Dial Indicators Plug Gages Thickness Gages
Feeler Gages Profilometers / Roughness Thread Plug Gages
Height Gauges / Master Protractors Thread Set Gages
Levels – Protractors Radius Gages – Small Thread Ring Gages
Micrometer Heads Ring Gages to 13 inches Thread Wires
Micrometers 0 – 40 inches Roughness Surface Testers  Tri-Blocks
Micrometer Rods Rules to 144 inches
Micrometer Standards Scales to 144 inches Internal Diameter to 13″
Micrometers – All types Snap Gages External Diameter to 14″
Torque Screwdrivers
Torque Wrenches
Force Gages  to 1000 ft/lb
Surface Speed

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